Living With Dementia


Alzheimer's Disease is the most common form of dementia. This disease occurs when there is an irreversible loss of neurons and brain functions.

Alzheimer's BrainAlzheimer’s disease

Lewy Body Dementia  occurs when proteins called Lewy Bodies form and destroy the inside of the nerve cells in the brain.

Lewy body DementiaLewy Body Dementia

Multi-infarct Dementia also known as Vascular Dementia occurs when many small strokes happen in the brain which causes damage to the brain cells.

Multi-infarct DementiaMulti-infarct Dementia

Binswanger's Disease is the rarest form of Dementia. This disease occurs when there is damage to the small blood cells and nerves which makes up the white matter in parts of the brain.

Binswanger's DiseaseBinswanger's Disease

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