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Dental Cleaning

Oral Health prevention has been included as an essential component to avoid common and not so common diseases found in the oral cavity. It involves not only patients who can be at risk of contracting some oral disease, but patients who can apparently be healthy.

Going periodically to visit a dental professional for check ups prevent the probability of having any oral and tooth problem. If you want to know more accurate information about how to treat Gingivitis click on this link.

As we saw before on the major oral problems section, Dental Caries are one of the most preventable disease in oral health and we need to take advantage of this attribute to avoid getting it. According to one article published by Brian A. Burt, Prevention of dental caries, is based on promoting an intra-oral environment in which demineralized enamel can quickly be remineralized, and where plaque pH does not remain below neutral for prolonged periods. This means that one way to prevent oral disease is with dietary control (regulate sugar and carbohydrates) and a good habit of dental hygiene in order to create an adequate environment within the oral cavity. If you want more information about the correct ways to clean and brush your teeth, you can click here.

Another way of prevention is through some of the biocompatible materials used by dental professionals

  1. Fluoride

    This is a very important compound that prevent dental caries and enamel demineralization. Fluoride acts diminishing the risk of reaction between the fermentation of carbohydrates and the toxic acids produced by bacteria which ends up producing dental caries. This compound, has a big anticariogenic potential and can be found in three ways: via vehicles that patients apply themselves (like toothpaste with fluoride), agents applied by dental professionals or via community fluoridation schemes (Salt, Water, etc.).
  2. Dental Sealants

    This is a mechanical technique used for preventing dental caries and plaque retention. While fluoride helps with prevention of this common disease in smooth tooth surfaces, it plays a different roll when it comes to tooth deep grooves. These grooves called pits and fissures, are more propense to retain plaque and become in dental decay. Dental sealants are plastic coatings applied in these surfaces to make them flat, even and smooth avoiding this way the process of plaque retention and caries. This type of preventive treatment is commonly used in children who have a higher risk of develop dental caries.

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