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Oral Problems Treatments

 Teeth Cleaning

We need to consider this treatment when it comes to any of the inflammatory disease due to accumulative plaque. The plaque removal is considered a technique by all dentist and dental hygienist which helps to get rid of all accumulative plaque in our teeth. This treatment has to be consistent for at least 3 months and a good complementary cleaning with the toothbrush must be included in order to be more effective. A journal article was presented by Sonja Sälzer where she conclude that one of the most effective complementary methods for oral cleanliness is associated with inter-dental plaque removal— which stands for any complementary tool that can be helpful to clean in between of each teeth— to make this treatment more effective and create a better management of gingivitis.

tooth cleaning


Restorative Techniques (Fluoride & Fillings)


Fluoride Techniques

Dental Caries Treatments are considered as a restorative procedure in which some of biocompatible materials are involved in order to help with the remineralization of the enamel. When the Caries or tooth decay is superficial, Fluoride can be used in order to produce a restorative effect and make the enamel of the affected tooth stop from the caries process. However, when it comes to a deeper caries or cavity including dentine or dental pulp (deep vascular dental tissues) it is necessary to realize a more invasive procedure in which mechanical techniques are applied in order to remove all the caries from the dental cavity and fill the remaining space with biocompatible material (fillings). The following treatment can sometimes be annoying for the patient, but it depends on the level of severity in which this multifactorial disease is found.

Steps to Cure a
Tooth Decay

Tooth with decay When a teeth starts to get a dark color and many other symptoms appear like pain and sensibility, indicates that you need a fillinf treatment Tooth Decay
Removing tooth caries The dentist will clean all the bacteria acumulated in the teeth with an special dental tool Cleaning Process
Teeth with decay The dentist will fill the cavity with a biocompatible material to completely restore the teeth. Filling Process
Teeth healthy Your teeth will finally be healthy and restore. All you need to do is maintain it clean. Finishing Process