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Major Oral Health Problems



Is one of the most common diseases and with more prevalence in the world. Gingivitis is an inflammatory disease that affects all the supporting tissues of the teeth like gums and periodontal ligaments. In more acute or chronic cases, we can find the presence of a severe infection which ends up destroying all the tissues that gives support to the teeth. The principal characteristics that this disease presents are redness, swelling, bleeding, exudation, and sometimes pain.

If we want to prevent this inflammatory condition, we need to get rid of the two main causal agents: “Plaque Deposit” which is obtained due to the lack of oral hygiene in which bacteria release toxics to cause destructive effects, and systemic conditions, such as disease that affect the body’s immune response.

Dental Caries

This is another preventable disease we all have been susceptible to or we are still susceptible to get at any time of our live. Dental caries is mainly cause for the intake of multiple fermentable carbohydrates which react with some bacteria that lives in our oral cavity; this process produces a localized destruction in the dental hard tissue (enamel) and can reach soft tissues (dentin) or vascular tissues (dental pulp).

Tooth decay

Even though caries is a multifactorial disease that can start due to the effect of a complex biofilm, saliva, unbalanced Ph, consumption of dietary sugar and bad hygiene habits, this is one of the most preventable disease for children in the world.  We need to consider that its progress can lead to a loss tooth or teeth which condition is irreversible. On the other hand, we also need to take advantage that this can be a reversible disease; therefore, the faster this disease is treated, the more likely it is to stop the progress and become reversible.

We only went through two of the most common diseases that can be found in the oral cavity, but there are many more to be listed, click here for more information.