Natural process of the earth

Damage Cost

It is perhaps a truism that all natural disasters have an economic and social cost; indeed if there were no cost they would not be classified as disasters in the first place.

For each country it would be important to learn from a statistical profile of the data what the most frequent disasters are and whether the pattern of disasters is changing over time. This paper begins with a statistical profile of disasters in Canada, and then attempts to forecast conditional probabilities of occurrence of various disasters. (The reciprocal of the conditional probability is the “return period” of a disaster.) Then the probabilities are used to find expected costs of disasters, which it is argued could guide future disaster preparedness policies. This is followed by a forecast of the general class of disasters.

The latter are in turn used to estimate the expected costs of disasters, together with a forecast of the general class of disaster. The conclusion draws the lessons from this analysis for Canada

Table of Weather realted issues

Ice storm, winter storm or extereme cold are the basic disasters in canada. This table shows the percentage of these disasters in different province in canada

Province Percentage
Alberta 90%
British columbia 44%
Manitoba 96%
Newfoundland & Labrador 96%
New Brunswick 95%
Nova Scotia 96%
Ontario 93%
Prince edward island 96%
Quebec 91%
Saskatchewan 95%