Symptoms of Rosacea

Rosacea is a popular, long-term skin condition that causes irritation and a rosiness or blushing of the face. Symptoms alternately flare up and die down, but over time they gradually worsen.

People with dark skin rarely develop rosacea, unlike those with fair or Caucasian types of skin who are more prone to the condition

It usually starts after age 30, most often striking fair-skinned people of northern or eastern European ancestry, especially those of Irish, English, or Scottish descent.

Mainly women suffer from rosacea. Rosacea in men leads to large, lumpy noses, a condition called rhinophyma.

Visible signs of Rosacea

  1. Facial redness on fair skin
  2. Small, red, acne-like facial pimples
  3. Persistent, red patches on the face
  4. Spider-like blood vessels on the face
  5. Swollen, red nose
  6. Acne-like skin sores that could ooze or crust
  7. Bloodshot, watery eyes

Extreme facial redness

Fair skinned woman with facial redness